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Duck Hunting

            If you're looking for the ultimate salt water duck hunting experience, look no further. The warm waters of the Laguna Madre are home to a variety of sought after species during the winter waterfowl migration. Whether hunting from a permanent water blind in the Laguna or a mobile ground blind in Baffin Bay or the Land Cut, you will experience the joy of ducks flaring their wings as they land in your decoys. Your professional guide will call them in and teach you techniques and bird identification. The Laguna Madre is a staging area for many species to increase their numbers before heading further South. Baffin Bay's North and South shorelines shuttle ducks from their feeding grounds in the bay, to their fresh water ponds inland. The isolation of the Land Cut creates a flyway for waterfowl that often blacks out the sky. Species taken from these location include; Redhead, Pintail, Wigeon, Bufflehead, Northern Shoveler, Scaup and many more. So come see for yourselves what makes South Texas duck hunting so special....and don't forget, you can pair a guided duck hunting trip with a guided fishing trip and floating cabin rental.

What is provided on Duck hunts

  • 10 dozen decoys
  • Ground Blinds
  • Duck retrieval
  • Seating
  • Cleaning of ducks
  • Rental guns if needed
  • Rental waders if needed

What do you need to bring

  • Your favorite drinks and food (No Alchol while hunting
  • Min of a 20 gauge shotgun and steel shot #2, #3 or #4
  • Chest Waders
  • Camouflage Seasonal clothing (rain gear if rain is expected)
  • Hunting licenses with Federal Waterfowl Stamp ​