The remote setting of Baffin Bay, miles from any major populated area in Texas, its treacherous rock formations (which are actually remains of reefs built long ago by the Serpulid Rock Worms) and its high salinity all could play a part in it being one of the top trophy Speckled Trout destinations in the world. It is anchored next to a long sandbar. You can step off the cabin for some of the best wade fishing in Baffin Bay. The fishing is excellent both day and night. The Baffin Bay cabin has four sets of bunk bed sleeping eight, with room to sleep four on cots for a total of twelve. 
Baffin bay is not for the novice boaters. It's 27 miles away from the marina and with a 20 mph wind Baffin Bay will have 2-3 swells. Your 12' jon boat is not sufficient to go to Baffin